Happy Holidays From Certified Homes

This is the season of giving back and sharing as we celebrate the festive season.
In partnership with our great friend DJ Preacher we shared Christmas goodies with the less privileged in the community who happens to be abled differently. Thank you all partners for making this happen.
“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord and He will repay him for his deed”

Certified Homes Valentine Gift To a Widow 

Irene Karanja had given up hope in life after passing away of her husband who had battled illness for 10 years. As a result she got into bad debts. The auctioneers came after her tailoring business and took away everything from sewing machines to materials. She was left hopeless.
Irene was neither able to feed her two kids nor was she able to pay school fees for them.
When Peter Nyaga, The Managing Director Certified Homes Ltd heard about Irene predicament from Dianah Kamande Hsc The Director CTWOO, he was eager to help Irene get back to her feet.
Certified Homes bought sewing machine, materials for curtains, mosquito nets and loose covers so that Irene can start her business over again.
The MD also pledged to support Anthony (Irene’s son) by making his dream of becoming a DJ come true.

Certified Homes & Partners Rescues A Single Father Of Five Children

A man was living with his 5 children. (4 boys and 1 girl) after his wife neglected them and turned to drinking. Her neglected children looked for their father and this is how they were able to go to school yet very late..
The first born is in class 7 at 17 years. 
The two roomed mabati house didn’t have even a bed. The children would huddle together on a wooden rack.
The family would sleep on bed racks with no mattresses every night having to go through all the discomfort in a time where they should be comfortable and at peace. They managed to get a bed (3 by 6) and   2 double decker beds through well wishers.
For mattresses, the family received three mattresses courtesy of Mr. Peter Nyaga  the MD of Certified Homes other well-wishers.

Joy as abandoned single mom of eight gets Sh. 100,000 business capital from Certified Homes

Life had taken a bad turn for Sophia Nyatoti. She was hopeless. She saw no way out from her situation. You see, Nyatoti had just delivered triplets. While this would count as a blessing for many mothers, her little ones only compounded her already complicated life. You see, she was stuck in hospital with a bill she couldn’t offload. In addition, she was already a single mother of five, living in a dilapidated mud house.
“When her case came to our attention, we thought of the best way to ensure that her life could be changed for better. We decided to help her reopen her collapsed business so that she could have a place to earn her family’s livelihood,” says Peter Nyaga, the chief executive officer at Certified Homes. Mr. Nyaga said that Certified Homes pledged to fund Sophia with Sh. 100,000, a pledge that has now been fulfilled with a cheque.

Certified Homes, Kigutha Foundation give over 500 Kambaa families happy holidays

The holiday season is over. But the just ended Christmas and New Year’s holidays will remain etched in the hearts of Kambaa families for a long time to come. This is because the families had one of the most memorable holidays courtesy of the Kigutha Foundation and real estate firm Certified Homes.
The Kigutha Foundation which is owned by popular musician Muigai wa Njoroge joined hands with Certified Homes to provide holiday meals to over 500 families.

Happy Labor Day From Certified Homes

Certified Homes Ltd in partnership with Cometogether Widows and Orphans Organization with the patron Dianah Kamande HSC commemorated this year #labourday by donating foodstuffs to the vulnerable in the society.
It’s very important to remember and share the little we have with the less fortunate in the society such widows, orphans and the poor especially these hard economic times.
“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord and He will repay him for his deed”

Happy Mother’s Day

This #MothersDay2021 was a different one for Mama Tony because Certified Homes Ltd changed her life for the best. Having lost her husband after a long illness and then the auctioneer’s hammer fell on her business life had literally come to an end for her. She didn’t have food to feed her children nor school fees. Certified homes revived her business by buying for her sewing machine and stocking her business. Certified Homes is committed to transforming and touching lives positively.

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